Are you blogging legally?


Is your website/blog legal?  Have you been looking for a way to make your website/blog legal?  On this post I introduce the option I chose to legally protect myself and my website/blog.

This article contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you.

I have been looking for a source of passive income for the last several months and I finally decided on a website/blog.

While researching the different sources of passive income I came across several posts and videos stating how important it is for your website/blog to be legal and how you can get into serious legal trouble if you do not have the correct legal disclaimers on your site.

This instantly made me nervous so I started researching trying to figure out exactly what I had to have on my site to legally protect myself and my business.  I also needed something that wouldn’t break me financially.

I started looking at free online legal templates I could download, fill out myself, and upload to my site.  This option made me nervous I would not find the correct documents to put on my site and I would end up not being legally protected.  The other option I tried was an online legal website.  It was way too expensive.  They not only wanted me to sign up monthly, but then I would also be charged for each individual document.  So I chose to keep looking.

I came across a video by a woman named who has a website/blog and she mentioned A Self Guru by Amira.  I immediately looked her up online and started reading about her back story (she is a lawyer), her presence on social media, customer reviews, the legal templates she offers, and of course her prices.  I was blown away by what she had to offer and at very affordable prices.

After looking at the different bundles Amira offers, I purchased the starter legal bundle.  I downloaded the templates, followed the extremely easy step-by-step instructions on how to personalize the templates to my business and then uploaded them to my website.  The entire process might have taken 15 minutes.  I instantly felt more at ease knowing I could now safely and legally operate my website/blog.

Not only did Amira provide the templates I purchased, but she also included 9 free bonuses, which included 8 secret ways to earn back my investment.  Best of all the price was so affordable!!

For those of you who are on the fence don’t wait any longer.  You will not find a more comprehensive and inexpensive way to protect your website/blog.  For your peace of mind, at least purchase the starter bundle, which includes the minimum you need to make your sure your website/blog is legally protected.

You basically have 3 options; find free legal templates that may or may not have everything you need to protect you legally, spend lots of money on hiring a lawyer to prepare your templates, or the smart option, purchase one of Amira’s products.

Amira provides an easy and inexpensive way for website owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers and other business owners to become legally protected.  Get your legal templates today!!

Other legal products Amira offers are:

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ADA & WCAG Compliance Bundle

Affiliate Agreement

Blogger Legal Bundle

Guest and Blogger Agreement

Bookkeeping Agreement

Coaching Agreement

Comprehensive Legal Bundle

Confidentiality Agreement

Disclaimer Template

Freelance Legal Bundle

Guest Blogger Agreement

Independent Contractor Contract Agreement

Interior Design Contract Bundle

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Media Release Ageement

Membership Agreement

Partnership Agreement

Privacy Policy Agreement

Sponsored Posts Contract

Sweepstakes Template

Terms and Conditions

Transaction Coordinator Agreement

Transaction Coordinator Legal Bundle

Virtual Design Agreement


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