The Upside Down AeroPress Espresso Brewing Tutorial


In relation to brewing espresso with the AeroPress Espresso Maker, there are two predominant strategies. The primary methodology is described each within the instructions that ship with the Aerobie AeroPress in addition to our AeroPress Coffee Maker Tutorial. It’s the common top-down easy brewing methodology.

The second methodology is called the inverted or upside-down brewing methodology, which I’ll spotlight on this brewing tutorial.

The consultants are cut up on which methodology is finest. In line with the article The Invention of the AeroPress by Zachary Crockett, “about half” of the winners of the AeroPress World Championships use the inverted methodology.

Upside Down Brewing Ends in a Richer Style

Whenever you brew inverted, all of the espresso grounds will make contact with the water throughout all the brewing interval. That is known as full or whole immersion. Full immersion brewing strategies are recognized for having a richer style than brewing strategies the place the espresso begins passing by way of the filter instantly. The preferred full immersion brewing methodology is the French Press.

When the Customary AeroPress Leaks or Brews Too Quick

When the primary model of this text was first printed in 2014, my AeroPress was getting outdated and the seal wasn’t as robust. The espresso was leaking too quick by way of the brewing chamber and the end result was a weaker espresso. So I started utilizing the inverted methodology.

You may reduce the prospect that your commonplace AeroPress brew will leak or brew too rapidly utilizing the next suggestions.

  1. Moist the paper filter.
  2. Make certain the paper filter isn’t folded and is positioned evenly within the filter cap.
  3. Affirm the seal is tight.
  4. The grind is perhaps too coarse.
  5. Use the funnel supplied with the AeroPress so free grounds don’t discover their manner into the place the filter is sealed.
  6. Some have discovered utilizing a wider rim mug reduces the prospect of leakage.
  7. In case your AeroPress is outdated and dropping its grip, take into account shopping for a brand new one. My AeroPress was in a position to brew over 1,000 instances, however finally, it did must be changed.

Or you might simply use the Upside Down methodology.

At 6 AM, I would like my brewing methodology to be as fool-proof as potential. Actually the one technique to mess up the inverted methodology is to lose management through the flip. There may be nonetheless a risk of leaking with the inverted methodology, however it issues far much less because it occurs on the finish of the brewing interval when the espresso is able to exit the brewing chamber.

Many Variations (Recipes) Work

The AeroPress was invented in 2005, which makes it tremendous younger in relation to espresso brewing strategies. Since then there was an amazing curiosity by espresso professionals to enhance upon the directions Aerobie ships with every unit.

As we speak there are quite a few AeroPress competitions world wide. Whenever you seek for profitable recipes, one can find a large variance in approaches. Brewing temperature, grind measurement, brewing time, and even plunge time can fluctuate fairly a bit.

At first look, the complexity of the recipes may appear intimidating, however they shouldn’t. The truth that individuals are making wonderful espresso utilizing wildly totally different parameters, tells us that the AeroPress is more durable to mess up than different espresso brewing strategies.

For this tutorial, we’re going to maintain it easy. When you’ve received the fundamentals down, enterprise out, and take a look at some award-winning recipes.


Earlier than we get began, verify you’ve got all the pieces.

AeroPress Coffee Brewing Setup

  1. The brewing chamber of the AeroPress Espresso Maker.
  2. The plunger.
  3. Stir Paddle. If you happen to lose the one which comes with the AeroPress, use a spoon.
  4. Black filter cap
  5. Paper filters (or you need to use a reusable metallic filter substitute such because the Ready Brewing DISK).
  6. Kitchen scale or the news that comes within the field.
  7. Kettle
  8. Timer or stopwatch.
  9. Mug
  10. Espresso.
  11. Filtered or Consuming Water.
  12. (non-obligatory and never in picture) AeroPress Funnel.

#1 Grind Espresso and Warmth Water

A single AeroPress scoop is the same as 2 tablespoons or about 17 grams. Measuring espresso by quantity shall be much less exact than by weight. The article Why You Should Use a Scale to Brew Coffee makes a very good case for tossing your scoop and grabbing the dimensions.

Though I agree with the article, in relation to the AeroPress I discovered it is rather forgiving to a couple gram variations in brewing. Don’t suppose that not having a scale will maintain you from brewing glorious espresso.

Aerobie advises a grind between drip and espresso. I take advantage of a drip grind. Others use a extra coarse grind. In relation to the grind measurement, the AeroPress is tremendous forgiving. As a basic rule the finer you grind, the shorter your brew time shall be.

aeropress coffee grind level next to dime

#2 Setup the AeroPress in an Inverted Place and Add Espresso

Place the plunger dealing with up on the counter. Now flip the brewing chamber the wrong way up and place it securely onto the plunger. You will have the stopper to relaxation in the course of the #4 place.

In case you are involved about messing up the flip, you’ll be able to push it down additional so all the #4 is under the stopper. Different recipes say all the #4 needs to be above the stopper, however in my view, that is too unstable. One bump and you’ve got a sizzling mess to scrub up.

Add the bottom espresso. Use the AeroPress Funnel when you nonetheless have it. I threw mine away. I sort of want I hadn’t, as a result of the funnel makes it simpler for all of the espresso grounds to get contained in the brewing chamber and never get caught on the rim of the brewer.

inverted aeropress with ground coffee

#3 Insert and Rinse the Filter

Place a filter contained in the filter cap and rinse with water. Set it apart for now.

rinse Aeropress coffee filter

#4 Begin the Timer, Add Scorching Water and Stir

How sizzling ought to the water be for AeroPress brewing? The opinions right here fluctuate fairly a bit. Many of the recipes say to make use of 200-205 F. Aerobie recommends utilizing 175 F. From the Aeropress FAQ:

Books usually advocate a brewing temperature of 195° F to 200° F (91° C to 93° C). That is good for typical brewing strategies that go sizzling water by way of a mattress of espresso. On this methodology, the water quickly cools so the decrease a part of the mattress is working at a decrease temperature. Nevertheless within the AeroPress all the espresso particles contact the identical water temperature through the stirring section.

The highest 3 finishers on the 2014 World AeroPress Championships used brewing temperatures of 174 F (78 C), 197 F (92 C), and 180 F (82 C). In earlier years, you had profitable recipes that have been simply off boiling. The lesson right here is that the AeroPress will be brewed at a variety of temperatures.

To maintain issues easy I carry water to a boil after which let it cool for 20-30 seconds. When you have a programmable kettle, experiment.

Begin the timer.

There are two colleges of thought on including sizzling water and stirring.

  1. Add half the water, stir after which add the remaining water.
  2. Add all the water and stir.

Though I’ve heard compelling arguments that #1 is healthier, I’ve accomplished it each methods and can’t inform a distinction. The vital factor about this step is to verify all the bottom espresso makes contact with water. Strive it each methods for your self.

Pour hot water AeroPress coffee

stir Aeropress coffee with paddle

As a result of I take advantage of a extra cosy match, I fill the water as much as midway between the #1 and #2 circle.

Water filled in AeroPress coffee - brewing

#5 Safe the Filter Cap on the AeroPress

Maintain onto the AeroPress the place the 2 chambers meet and together with your different hand, screw the filter onto the brewer.

AeroPress Coffee Secure Filter

#6 At 60-90 Seconds, Flip and Press

There are numerous totally different brew instances you need to use. A very good beginning vary is 60-90 seconds in whole. When this time has handed, seize the AeroPress holding each chambers collectively and flip it so it’s over your mug.

As soon as the AeroPress is again right-side-up and over the mug, proceed with urgent down the plunger. Use a sluggish regular press. It ought to take about 20 seconds to totally press.

Aeropress coffee - flip and plunge

#7 Add Water to Style

What you’ve got now could be a espresso focus. Add some sizzling water to carry it to the consistency of brewed espresso. Usually this can imply including 50% water. If you need an iced espresso, simply pour over a cup of ice cubes.

I must also add that you just don’t want so as to add something if you wish to have an “espresso-like” beverage. As a result of the AeroPress can’t generate close to the stress of a real espresso machine, I don’t take into account it espresso. Nor does residence espresso roasting retailer Candy Maria’s. From their AeroPress web page:

Illy’s analysis reveals that espresso is a beverage brewed at 7-11 bars of stress, with water temperature between 194 and 203 F (with out temperature loss from a chilly espresso deal with, and so forth). Even when the AeroPress had the organoleptic options of espresso, and the looks of espresso, I don’t suppose it’s inside these parameters.

If you happen to do go the “espresso-like” route, you’ll be able to experiment with utilizing much less water, a finer grind, and a shorter brewing time.

The Most Forgiving Brewing Technique Ever

I’ve tried many various strategies for brewing espresso and none of them are as forgiving because the AeroPress. You may brew utilizing a variety of grinds, temperatures, and dosages and nonetheless make glorious espresso. You may even flip it the wrong way up and it excels.


The Invention of the AeroPress – Wonderful article by Zachary Crockett.

AeroPress Coffee Maker Tutorial – Authentic INeedCoffee tutorial.

AeroPress FAQ – Web page by Aerobie.

Aero Press Brew Instructions – Article by Candy Maria’s feedback about why he doesn’t really feel the brewer qualifies as an espresso maker on the finish.

Brewing photographs by Joseph Robertson of Extracted Magazine, a digital espresso journal printed for iOS and Android. He additionally teaches Coffee: The Basics of Mastering Your Brew on Udemy.

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