Make Tastier Espresso – 4 Fast Tricks to Enhance Your Espresso


Are you in search of just a few fast pointers to assist enhance your espresso? On this video we provide you with 4 fast suggestions that may actually assist to …



  1. Hi! I've got a lavazza super Crema coffee beans, I'm going for 1:2 ratio in 25 to 34 sec. I am at 19.5gr in 40gr out in 23 sec and my coffee is already tasting bitter, which my understanding tells me that I'm already getting on the over extraction but I haven't reach the proper grams in grams out in the desired amount of time… Any tips on how could I tackle this?

  2. WATER- before anything else. I was using remineralised RO water that wasn’t putting enough or the right type of minerals back in. Espresso tasted dull with no complexity and a lack of flavour. Tasted like a horrible Brazil coffee even though I was using some beautiful exotics. Tried just filtered tap water (short term trial so I don’t damage the machine) and the espresso came to life. I had tried everything else but water was the key!

  3. hello from slovakia.

    I always wanted to ask one thing.

    why do you use for example 22.5g of coffee as a dose.

    why not use for example:
    18g dose = 36g espresso or 16g dose = 32g espresso …?

    how u know ur dose is the best ?

    what is the difference when you do the same ratio then?

    isn't that a bit of waste from a business perspective?

    thank you for the answer I wish you a nice day!

  4. Use your beans every day! Love the champion for our clever dripper, and the fix for our home espresso machine. Quick question: do the rough times you are quoting include preinfusion time, or just from onset of full pump pressure?

  5. Thanks for the very informative video. In your opinion could you tell me if reducing the pump pressure on my Linea Mini from 9 bars to 6.5 bars will improve or reduce the quality of my espresso, all other variables being the same?. For your information, I reduced the pump pressure to reduce puck channeling. I also changed the factory 0.8 mm gliceur to the 0.6 mm to reduce the water flow rate. Thank you in advance!.

  6. Best explanation about the process that makes the most logical sense – and that is to keep a consistent preparation process, whatever that may be. Doesn't matter if you use a distributing tool, or you level with your fingers, etc, you do you (we don't all have the same equipment or style), but keep that process the same every time! It's much easier to identify what made your espresso better (be it X days after roast date, grind granularity, brew ratio, etc) when everything else is kept constant. At the end of the day, what matters is the outcome. Not whether you used X tool or not. Work with what you've got.

    Great advice, Artisti!

  7. For a double I have always heard 20g not 22. Is that unique to you or Australia?

    My question, is the time always the same for ristretto, espresso and Lungo? Requiring big changes to the grind size? Or do you have different timings for each type of drink? Or knowing what works for espresso just decrease or increase the liquid output without making any changes?

  8. Okay, I'm going to do this. I have never tasted an espresso that I liked. I have the equipment and I have the technology and now I have the recipe. I'll let you know how it goes.


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