The right way to Make Iced Espresso With the Gabi Drip Grasp


In my earlier article, How to Make Pour-Over Coffee With the Gabi Drip Master, I confirmed you an modern espresso dripper that simplified pour-over espresso in a couple of methods.

In addition to the cool waterspout which controls the circulation of water over the grounds in a sluggish managed method, the highest chamber of the Gabi Drip Grasp was designed to carry precisely 150 grams of water. This implies you don’t must weigh the water or babysit the pour-over. Simply fill the chamber twice.

A couple of weeks in the past, I bought the concept that the Gabi truly has the right design for making iced espresso.

Iced Espresso

Iced Espresso is completely different than the extra in style chilly brew. Chilly Brew takes hours to make, whereas Iced Espresso takes minutes.

From the tutorial A Clever Way To Make Iced Coffee:

Iced Espresso, which can also be known as Japanese Iced Espresso, is made by brewing espresso immediately over ice. This immediately chills the espresso, whereas preserving the flavour. To keep away from having a watery espresso, the quantity of water used when brewing is cut up between the new water and the ice. Many espresso aficionados want iced espresso to chilly brew because it tends to style like a calming refreshing model of that scorching espresso. No matter acidity degree or taste notes the new model has will stay. And should you get the water ratio proper it received’t style weak.

The Ratio

A typical ratio for iced espresso is 60% scorching water and 40% ice by weight. I positioned the Gabi on my digital scale, zeroed it out, after which loaded it with ice cubes. The ice cubes had been heaping above the highest of the brewer. The size confirmed 111 grams. If the new water is 150 grams, that works out to 57% scorching water. Excellent!

Let’s brew some iced espresso.

#1 Fill Gabi Prime Chamber with Ice Cubes

You received’t want a scale. Simply pile ice cubes into the highest chamber of your Gabi till it appears like this picture. In case your ice cubes are smaller in dimension, they are going to take up more room within the chamber, so use rather less.

weigh ice

#2 Transfer the Ice to a Glass

We solely used the highest chamber of the Gabi as a solution to measure the ice. For the reason that brewed espresso will land on the ice, switch the ice to a glass.

transfer ice

#3 Add Floor Espresso and Place Over Mug

Place 20 grams of medium-ground espresso into the filter. Place the filter into the Dripper after which set the Dripper over the glass holding the ice.

Gabi Dripper iced Coffee

#4 Place the Linked Water Bottle / Waterspout Over the Dripper

Place the related Water Bottle and Waterspout onto the Dripper. Now the brew stack is full.

#5 Add Water

Warmth water to 200° F. Fill the Water Bottle to the highest simply as soon as.

iced coffee on the gabi dripper

#6 Take away Brewer and Take pleasure in!

That’s it. A brilliant-easy solution to make iced espresso.

Finished Iced Coffee


My hunch that the Gabi Dripper can be the right solution to make Iced Espresso with out having to do math was right. The highest chamber, when stuffed with ice, holds about 40% of the water weight for a brew, which is right for iced espresso.

The flavour was mild and refreshing, which is strictly what I need from iced espresso. Should you want a stronger iced espresso, look into utilizing a Intelligent, as you’ll be able to lengthen the size of the brew with that dripper.


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