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Escape your bean grinders and are available to consideration as a result of barista class is in session! Be a part of Kaleena Teoh and Chi Sum Ngai, …



  1. I've been told the flat white originated in Australia. Do you know if this is true? Also here in Australia a cappuccino is always served with a dusting of cocoa powder. I'm 62 and I've been drinking coffee for 50 years, never had a cappuccino with the cocoa dusting.

  2. I enjoyed these 34 minutes, I usually don't like to watch videos that long. Reviewed some of the drinks more than 2 times 😁. Young girls and they know well their profession 😊. Great video!) The taller one drinks a lot of coffee 😁, I find it hard if they filmed it in one day with all that coffee consuming.

  3. I'm really sorry to mention that because I just saw the video, but that's not Greek frappe. For Greek frappe, you just need the Nescafe coffee grounds (and sugar if you want), you pour a bit of cold water, you whisk/beat it with an electric hand whisker, and when it's frothy enough you pour cold water until it almost reaches the top of the glass and you put a straw in and enjoy.
    'Caffe freddo' is accurate. We just call it freddo espresso, and if you put cold frothy milk on top, it's a freddo cappuccino (For Greeks, not Italians)


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