How you can Deal with Massive Espresso Orders as a Barista – Ideas for Sustaining High quality & Effectivity


For those who’ve labored as a barista that there are occasions while you’re by yourself the place you get hit with a big sophisticated …



  1. When doing a 12 vs a 16oz latte, do you put a single 40ml shot in a 12oz and 2 40ml shots in a 16oz? We have a single group machine on our bar cart and I’m curious if I need to grind tamp and pull 2 shots for 1 drink.

  2. Great stuff right here.
    It's there a chance where you can list the equipment you have in your coffee shop, seen some stuff that are not very common in even busy coffee shops, like the milk dispenser and all the other stuff that made your life so much easier.
    Im sure many would appreciate a bit of technology details.
    Keep it up guys! 💪

  3. As a home barista who would like to step behind the bar one day, these videos really make me feel like I could do it first try :p probably not the case but sure doesn’t hurt to have some confidence :):)

  4. Considering how many drinks have Italian names and backgrounds, why don't barista outside of Italy learn a little Italian in relation to these drinks? They seem to just butcher the language and reduce the meaning of words, like calling a caffè latte, a "latte" when a latte is just regular milk. Imagine ordering milk and expecting coffee and milk. LOL It's just weird (and disrespectful to Italian culture) to me.

  5. During peak hour , I if I have 2 16 oz of coffee orders, how would you prepare the milk? What’s the biggest jug can I use? Do you reckon 2 shots are good enough for 16 oz cup? I feel two shots is too weak for 16 oz.

  6. My favourite part about this is that you weren’t trying to rush it. You could’ve pulled some Dritan bullshit and pushed your workflow to the limits, but these were all carefully prepared drinks.
    My top tip for young baristas is: if you’re in a rush, start the next shot grinding as soon as you’re done with the previous one. Getting your dose precise is something that can eat up time, but if you’re multitasking it’s also something you can do with one hand while completing other tasks. Great vid!

  7. I got two coffees today while buying some beans and a milk jug… i got a medium flat white and a small soy latte.
    I have been watching and enjoying artisti you tube videos for a while .. since buying a breville coffee machine for home.
    Ive been keen to come and try you beans as i live in a town not far away. I decided to buy takeaway coffe while buying some beans because i wanted to see how fresh roasted coffee made by someone who knows what they're doing through an expensive and well set up grinder and coffee machine tasted.
    It was to me a little bit like warm milk with a little bit of coffee taste … i not complaining but would like to know what to ask for next time im buying beans that would have a lot more kick ? … i do like milk coffee rather than espresso.
    Very much looking forward to tasting the sample pack of 4 types of beans especially the single origin columbian (popayan) .. i haven't tried Columbian SO before. Love the videos cheers

  8. Biggest issue, so much time was wasted with distribution and the tamping machine. It’s faster to tamp it yourself. Also the art, wasting so much time for the customer not to remove the lid.


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