How A lot Caffeine is in Guru Glowing Vitality Water? What to Know!


Guru Glowing Vitality Water is a model of natural glowing water. Every can comprise 12.00 fluid ounces (fl. Oz) and 100 milligrams (mg) of caffeine, which is 8.2 mg per fl. oz. You in all probability don’t know the way a lot caffeine is taken into account a median quantity. Fortunately for you, we’ve included an inventory evaluating Guru Glowing Vitality Water to different caffeinated drinks. Although that is water, it nonetheless accommodates caffeine, so it’s greatest to watch out when consuming it.

Consultants suggest that you just eat not more than 400 mg of caffeine a day. How a lot of Guru Glowing Vitality Water is an excessive amount of, and the way does it evaluate to different caffeinated drinks? Down under, you’ll discover the reply to those questions.

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Guru Glowing Vitality Water In comparison with Different Caffeinated Drinks

Guru Glowing Vitality Water (12 fl. oz): 100 mg of caffeine or 8.3 mg per fl oz
Polar Frost Plus Vitality (17 fl. oz): 64 mg of caffeine or 3.8 mg per fl. oz
Bubly (12 fl. oz): 35 mg of caffeine or 3 mg per fl. oz
AHA (12 fl. oz): 30 mg of caffeine or 2.5 mg per fl. oz
Pep Speak (12 fl. oz): 55 mg of caffeine or 4.6 mg per fl. oz
Hiball (16 fl. oz): 160 mg of caffeine or 10 mg per fl. oz
Crimson Bull (8.46 fl. oz): 80 mg of caffeine or 9.5 fl. oz
Reign (16 fl. oz): 300 mg of caffeine or 18.8 mg per fl. oz
Bang Vitality (16 fl. oz): 300 mg of caffeine or 18.8 mg per fl. oz
Monster Vitality Drink (16 fl. oz): 160 mg of caffeine or 10 mg per fl. oz
Starbucks Triple Shot Vitality (15 fl. oz): 225 mg of caffeine or 15 mg per fl. oz
Spike Hardcore (16 fl. oz): 350 mg of caffeine or 21.9 mg per fl. oz
Redline Xtreme (8 fl. oz): 316 mg of caffeine or 39.5 mg per fl. oz
Brewed Espresso (8 fl. oz): 95 mg of caffeine or 11.9 mg per fl. oz
Pepsi (12 fl. oz): 38 mg of caffeine or 3.1 mg per fl. oz
Coca-Cola (12 fl. oz): 32 mg of caffeine or 2.7 mg per fl. oz
Mountain Dew (12 fl. oz): 54 mg of caffeine or 4.5 mg per fl. oz

As you’ll be able to see from the checklist, Guru Sparkling Energy Water is excessive in caffeine in comparison with different sparkling waters. Nonetheless, in comparison with power drinks, it’s on the decrease finish of the spectrum. Due to Guru Glowing Vitality Water’s excessive caffeine, you must drink not more than 4 a day, and that’s with out consuming every other caffeine.

Risks of Caffeine

Caffeine may be very harmful; should you eat an excessive amount of of it, you’ll be able to undergo horrible uncomfortable side effects. The uncomfortable side effects vary from minor points like nervousness, digestive issues, insomnia, dependancy, rhabdomyolysis, and fatigue to way more severe ones like a caffeine overdose.

Too much caffeine can result in a caffeine overdose, which may be deadly. Some caffeine overdose signs are vomiting, involuntary muscle motion, convulsion, dizziness, chest ache, irregular heartbeat, elevated thirst, headache, fever, confusion, and hallucinations. In the event you imagine you’re affected by a caffeine overdose, get to a hospital as quick as attainable.

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Closing Ideas

Guru Sparkling Energy Water accommodates 100 mg of caffeine, and that’s larger than most glowing water. Consultants suggest not consuming greater than 400 mg of caffeine a day, so that you shouldn’t drink greater than 4 cans of Guru Glowing Vitality Water a day, and that’s not together with every other caffeine you will have all through your day.

Guru Glowing Vitality Water is an effective alternative should you’re getting an excessive amount of caffeine out of your energy drink and searching for a lighter various. It accommodates much less caffeine than most power drinks and is natural, so if you need a weaker power drink however nonetheless need that kick to get you thru the day, you must give it a attempt.

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