For All The Espresso Lovers | Sadhguru’s Ode to Espresso


Here’s a poem from Sadhguru for all of the espresso lovers, the place Sadhguru recites a poem and talks about an intoxicating …



  1. Some people will miss the point Sadhguru is making—thinking he is saying that coffee is the best thing to wake up to.

    Wise ones never pull or push anyone away or towards anything. They shine the light on something and you must decide.

  2. Southern Indian Filter is the best. I remember, when I landed in Bangalore for the first time. I simply wanted to get a coffee at 4am in the morning local time and was absolutely thrilled by the taste. The whole journey to Southern India became like that … hidden gems everywhere.

  3. Coffee is a joy of living, splurge on it! Sadhguru is teacher of enlightenment and true to his being he has made us aware of the wonder of coffee's growing and blissful fragrances and adventures of growth. Coffee captivates but always guides one to a clarion clear, a beautiful and faithful partner on this journey of life and yoga. Much love to our Sadguru, Joseph

  4. It s so true. If the sun doesn't come up tomorrow morning all life will be gone. If there was no coffee tomorrow morning it would only be a headache, so which should you bow down to ?

  5. That was beautiful poetry…for I am also a coffee person just the best way to ground myself with earth and what I pull to do throughout my day …he's absolutely 💯 right .love always

  6. When I was younger and lived in Puerto Rico my uncle on my dad's side lived in Jayuya. Jayuya is known for its coffee and lies in the center of the island. We visited quite often and even though I'm not a fan of coffee the smell was always wonderful.


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