Espresso Ideas – French Press


Study the fundamentals of brewing at residence with La Colombe. Presenting our French Press video tutorial, a part of our Espresso Ideas collection, …



  1. Have had 3 of these units in the past 20+ years. They are good grinders MyBest.Kitchen what most if not all the complaints are about concerns a small pop-up switch in the bottom of the unit where the clear plastic hopper slides in. Please don't throw the unit away when nothing happens after pressing the start button. Just take the hopper out, clean @ the pop-up switch or vacuum the area around the switch and I think you'll find that it turns on. Hope this helps….have read reviews where the unit only worked for one grinding, then mysteriously quit working. Again, clean the switch it will most likely solve the issue.

  2. I just ordered a French press, a grinder, and some beans. I'll try this at home. I think doing it in work might be too much hassle. And yes, I'm really beginning to hate the K word!

  3. French press, moka pot, pyrex percolator are my favorite ways to have coffee. I'm drinking French press right now and plan to use your methods next time around. Thanks for the video.

  4. omg. I'm in love.❤️ You have Dr. Brackett's gorgeous eyes from "Emergency!"
    Now back to business:
    Q: What's a good premium/manual grinder for coarse french press grinds? thank you. 😉💕

  5. Wow this is so well done with the blooper real and all! and this was 6 years ago! All those brands you demoed should honestly be paying you! Good job boss! You beat out all those punk kids on Insta and Tiktok

  6. I like Ethiopian coffee from the restaurants in "Little Ethiopia" in Los Angeles. BUT .. Michael, I looked on the website of the link you provided and cannot find THAT specific coffee anywhere on the link , or anywhere else actually. Hellllp? lol

  7. the ratio thing was super helpful. One more suggestion. U can actually wait like 2 mins before plunging it so the sludge settles and maybe spoon out the froth at the top if u have crippling OCD

  8. Hanabishi Coffee Maker HCM15XB

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    French Press Coffee Maker Filter Kettle Pot Tea Maker 400 ML / 700 ML

    Electric gooseneck spout kettle /electric coffee pot /electric drip coffee pot with high quality

    1Pc Kitchen Stainless Steel Teaspoons Short Handle: Coffee Scoop Small Spoon Cafetera Cocina

    Electric Portable Mini Stove 220V 500W Hot Plate Ajustable Temp Stainless Steel Electric Mini Stove Portable Single Burner Countertop Stove Infrared Burner

    Premium Borosilicate Glass Gooseneck Kettle Tea Pour Over Kettle Coffee Dripper 350ml

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  9. Hi! Thanks for this incredible and simple video tutorial. I have a question: is there a "best temperature" for the water, or boiling water is the best choice?

  10. Hi Todd, I’m a big fan. Loved watching “Dangerous Grounds”. Maybe I could join you and your right hand man the next time you go on a hunt for a land race bean. I do have a question: what’s the difference and advantage of using a burr grinder compared to a blade grinder? Thank you. You Rock!

  11. I always use a french press but I have to say, the best french press coffee I´ve ever had used to be at Peet´s Coffee in SF .. Bought two different packs of coffee at Peet´s and get not even close to the taste I experienced over there .. Also tried many different coffee beans in the meantime .. would say the coffee is good but not exceptional .. still looking for the ultimate taste


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