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  1. Just some thoughts. Lol. The electric kettle is awesome because you know the exact temperature. I started enjoying coffee beans by making pour overs. Temperature really made a difference. I then went to espresso/latte with a Hamilton beach espresso machine and Hamilton beach grinder. I thought that was good and we were doing something!! Lol. I then bought a Breville Barista Pro. I realize now I didn’t know good espresso/latte!!! Good coffee beans and a good machine and grinder is life changing!! Lol. The way you love coffee the sky is the limit. Get a good scale because I can see you are going to keep going in this hobby. I measure my beans everyday. I measure my pour over still when I make one. You can tell the difference. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the journey!!

  2. My husband gifted me a Vertuo Plus with the aeroccino for Christmas and I found your channel Christmas night after everyone left. I’m excited to learn lots of yummy tips from you!

  3. Since you’re the coffee pro and I’m just beginning… maybe you can recommend me a good flavorful type of hot coffee. I drink Starbucks medium roast unsweetened cold brew. I splash either almond milk or nut pod original into it. I love how it tastes. What do you recommend would be just like that in a hot form? It’s getting cold out and I want something hot vs cold, but don’t know what to have. Pls help!

  4. I recently bought a Nespresso machine from the original line and obsessed. Can you show some lungo recipes. I don’t quit know what to do with my lungo samples and don’t want to waste them!! Love your channel!! It’s been so helpful and entertaining ♥️

  5. I have the next and it leaks and they won’t send you a new machine. They will only ship it away for repairs and then no coffee for 2 weeks. So appalled especially with how much I spend on pods. I’m just dealing with the leaking because I don’t want to lose it for 2 weeks.

  6. Very nice video Alex. Although I have not had any problems with my Vertuo Next I wish I had purchased the Plus. The only complaint that I have on the Next is that it is difficult to open and close. I think that I am over Nespresso coffee anyway. Initially, I was obsessed with Nespresso because I wanted a delicious cup of coffee every time. Although each cup of coffee is good I feel that I still have not tasted MY perfect cup of coffee. Day to day I simply like a good cup of coffee (great flavor that I can taste) with half and half, little to no sugar. I too will explore other options and may go back to my old fashion drip coffee machine if need be.

  7. Grinding your own beans is life changer. I make a fresh pot of coffee first thing in the morning and grind beans. Then use my Nespresso for my other cups in the day. Make sure you get a good container that pushes out all the air so the beans stay fresh.

  8. You are right about the Next… I don’t understand why they keep selling it. I can’t wait to get my essenza mini and start trying new espresso’s! I love many of the accessories you shown and have a lot of them in my Amazon wishlist! Now I think I need glass straws, simple luxuries!Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love all the cute coffee accessories 💛 I’ve never heard anything so true than the vertuo next machine is meh 😑
    I had already bought mine when i discovered your channel and then it broke within 6 months 😭 vertuo plus lives in my kitchen now! 🙂

  10. Hi Alex. I have purchased many of the items you shared. I agree with your assessment its honest and spot on. BTW your Monin discount code works great I placed my order and got it really quick.
    I am still learning my biggest challenge is that I love strong flavors in my coffees BUT don't like to high sugar content. I tried reducing the amount then I have no flavor. 🙄

  11. I'm kinda new to ur channel, but because of u I got convinced to buy an nespresso coffee maker😁 I'm still looking for a combination of coffee and syrup that I would like.. thanks for ur videos very helpful.


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