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  1. Plastic and boiling water is a great way of introducing high levels of oestrogen into your bloodstream, weakening your immune system and passing on recessive genes. Keep on destroying the human race folks!

  2. Ima keep it real. Girl is hot, but tattoos never are. So points off. As to the chef, I know it’s incredibly unfair and hard to fix, but I don’t think bakers should ever be using bare hands in molding dough or working with food. Especially when they are excessively hairy like this gentleman. It’s rather disgusting and unsanitary.

  3. 4:50 — That's my hometown's contribution to the coffee world, PT's Coffee from Topeka, Kansas. Represent! I've never had one of their varieties I was at all displeased with, and Ad Astra is one I keep returning to (I like to try new things and experiment, but old favorites retain their lure).

  4. Sorry but I don't drink coffee but live in Australia and seen all the nice coffee they have here, this looks disgusting!
    Even if they drip it here they do it really slowly. It is a art here this just looks like a watered down deluted coffee in America.

  5. Many more people in the world now use Celsius and not Fahrenheit. The only major country that uses Fahrenheit today is the United States, which has a population of around 0.35 billion as compared to the world population of around 7 billion.

  6. so glad they clarified at the end…
    "there's no wrong way to make coffee."

    don't let anyone belittle you
    because of the way you make it,
    or the kind of coffee that you enjoy.

  7. i got me a chemex,a burr grinder and a gooseneck kettle and some philz's tesora and 100% kona coffee but I did not watch any how to videos beforehand and I am just now finding out i need a scale XD


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