1. I put cascara sagrada (holy bark) in powder form in my fresh ground organic pour over. Then I have devotions (Bible reading) with my mother-in-law, and I sit back and wait for things to start happening.

  2. LOLOLOL……………Millions and millions of people everyday make a GREAT cup of coffee without going through these gymnastics, and scales, measuring weighing and everything else.

  3. Nah… you don't need all that. Just plop the plastic thing on the mug, pop in the filter, get it wet with hot water, add your coffee (2 TB) and slowly pour just-boiled water over it.

  4. Coffee Dripper

    I have the stainless steel cone pour over coffee dripper (no filter) and I love it but

    after making my first of 3 – ½ – ¾ cups of coffee, the dripper starts dripping very slow, if at all.

    I have to push up the coffee grinds to get it to start dripping again.

    When I fill the dripper up with water it drips through but when it gets half way down, it slows down or stops.

    I use 3 tablespoons of coffee grinds.

    I clean both sides with hot water. Any ideas?


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