Right now we’re diving into 8 (really 9) Espresso Details and ideas that may assist any new barista AND HOME BARISTA Simply beginning out.



  1. BRILLIANT!! I could listen to you for hours!! But this time, I do have a question. It is about your comments on coffee distribution and prevention of channeling. You introduced palm tapping. Got it! So what about tamping the coffee grounds at that point? Do you NOT tamp the coffee and just leave it "fluffed" ? What if you use the WDT tool (which I have never see before). Do you use that INSTEAD OF tamping the coffee or do you still tamp after you "distribute"?.

  2. I saw your channel yesterday, I've only been a barista for two months but today during my shift was the first time I actually was able to understand how and why my coffees looked how they did. I legit improved so much in basically half a shift ! Tysm!

  3. I'm sure these are all helpful tips but the title is misleading to people who aren't barista's. I was hoping to up my at-home-game with my regular coffee and sadly there wasn't anything here for me. Whomp whomp!

  4. If you didn't pick barista as your profession, you should become a scientists or engineer. The way you explain things reminded me of my engineering professor back in Texas A&M University. 😁😁😁

  5. So coffee tips, comedy and some molecular science at the end there just for prosperity. YouTube art. I take it they didn't like the scumbag comment in the last video, I was floored. 😂

  6. coffee epiphany was that youtube is a thing and I can listen to emilee bryant and james hoffman for barista advice and coffee memes. and also huge WPM pitchers are always sold out.

  7. I knew my extensive baby karate chopping experience would come in handy for other hobbies I enjoy. Thank you! I was thinking the same thing about the squishy toy, always have, but then you illustrated perfectly and now I’m convinced we were right about that. So glad you didn’t shy away from that point. Great video!

  8. Love your video closing! 🤣🤣🤣

    Fantastic video, thank you so much. I've loved coffee since I was a drip, good coffee at that. I've been a huge fan of press, but recently got (back) into filter coffee – thanks to James Hoffman's channel.

    You're really only the second coffee channel I've found on YouTube that I really enjoy. Even though this was the first video of yours I've seen, I love it.

    Again, thank you! Looking forward to seeing more!

  9. Subscribed for the hint on flavour notes. THANK YOU! I kept trying all these different coffees that said "watermelon! peach! plum! jasmine! vanilla! chocolate!" and they all just tasted like different coffees to me, not like any of those other things! I thought maybe I could bring out those flavour notes if I got better at dialing in my espresso! Now I don't feel so bad that my espresso tastes like coffee. Thank you so much!


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