5 ideas for brewing higher espresso at house


Making higher espresso at house is simpler than you suppose. These 5 essential methods will assist you to get began. The most effective espresso makers of …



  1. Great video! I'm from Brazil, where as you may know people like their coffee almost espresso-strong. Not me, though. I tried your proportions to see how they'd hold up to Brazilian standards. I tried the 1:12 ratio and I'd say that would be the minimum strength Brazilians could possibly accept, even though that would probably be described as "mineiro," meaning from the state of Minas Gerais, where they tend to prefer weaker coffee. To my taste, that would be close to perfect, since it's still subtle, but you still can taste the coffee, so to say.

  2. Been grinding my own coffee for many years, good quality fresh roasted beans, cone filters and a 20$ electric grinder, I heat the water to 195 degrees F and get a top quality cup of coffee every time and will match it up against 1200$ machines any time. I just shake my head everytime I see these really expensive coffee makers. I estimate my cup of coffee cost about 50 cents.

  3. Fwwk I feel ripped off with my pre grounded coffee !!! I want flavor and that addicting great taste. I live in the bush. In Canada. Reserve and we get our stuff from the stores. I don't order online due to no card. Lol. Yup. Anyways. I gotta try this!!

  4. Roasting time might matter, but probably the roaster and the beans they use matter just as well, if not more. My experience has been :
    1) Common instant to Good Instant = Big difference.
    2) Good instant to Expensive instant = No significant difference.
    3) Good instant to Good pre-ground = Big difference
    4) (Last week) Good pre-ground to locally roasted beans freshly ground = No significant difference (And I think I liked the pre-ground from a good company better. Though I haven't yet tried it again).

  5. At the beginning he said the 3 main things that stuck.
    1. Fresh water
    2. Fresh beans or grounds. I grind mine at the store where i buy them. I use them it up quickly.
    3. Same ratio of coffee to water, each time. However he then criticized the scoop.
    If i use the same 4 level scoops -to the same 5 cup line on my caraff then, yes, i am using the perfect SAME RATIO EACH TIME. No i am not buying another damn hunk of plastic crap like a scale, only to weigh damn coffee grounds! Our oceans are screwed enough.
    A stainless steal or wooden scoop has been adequate for 2000 yrs.
    M. IL.

  6. Life’s too short to drink bad coffee ☕️ find a local roaster buy an automatic burr grinder and get a top rated coffee maker or if your not ambitious support your local small business coffee shop 😀

  7. My own private philosophy… is that the most important thing, even more than where beans are from, is how you approach each of them. Your approach must vary, depending on the bean. Just because some beans are expensive, if you brew them without care, they will not turn out well. The opposite is also true. Even cheap beans can become flavorful, if you carefully brew them to bring out their special qualities.


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