5 Finest Espresso Ideas | Good Espresso


Watch extra The way to Make the Finest Espresso movies: http://www.howcast.com/movies/494719-5-Finest-Espresso-Ideas-Good-Espresso …



  1. Hahahaha "experts" barista videos are the worst. When someone put that Much pressure & a small amount of coffee like he does the coffee drop way too fast & taste weak as fuck.

  2. I do not like espresso for several reasons – I was not brought up with my parents ever making it so how am I supposed to now like it? Anyway I like coffee although it needs a good crisp flavour like the kona caffeinated-bite of nicotine flavour which is the best coffee straight. Espresso shots over-smoothen out and ruins that wonderful bitter bite in certain coffee. Also it is served in pathetically small cups when you buy it alone. When added to other drinks or taken alone it seems to always go cold real quick. You need to reheat it 3 times as long as normal coffee. I like kona coffee best


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