4 Varieties of Espresso Drinkers


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  1. Actually the decaf drinkers are just recovering caffeine junkies who had a breakdown like a heart attack, burnout, chronic insomnia or started ADHD medication and can't take caffeine anymore but can't kick the habit entirely.

  2. We got a coffee grinder (not chopper ) as a wedding gift. Just for giggles we bought some beans at Traders Joes, knowing nothing about the various types of beans. We'll celebrate our 39th anniversary this year and we've never looked back! I bought a chopper after the first grinder gave out after 20 years. We endured it about 2 weeks and threw it out and bought another burr grinder. We also endured the Northridge earthquake, I was forced to use a manual grinder and a Melita pot on a camp stove. We quickly became the most popular neighbors on the block!

  3. And then you have the wild card…prefers crappy coffee over Starbucks any day, drinks freeze dried Folgers crystals at work and will do anything for a cup of percolator. That’s me 🤪

  4. You know, after my time in the Army, I just am not the coffee junkie I used to be. After about two cups, I don't like the bitter taste in the back of my mouth. Fortunately, I have Diet [Insert your brand of cola here]. Because coffee and caffeine are two entirely different things.

  5. Oh man, I think I’m the coffee snob. Parents visited and left an economy-sized can of Folgers grounds. I put them in an unmarked container, labeled them “boomer grounds” and put them in the back of my pantry in wait for their next visit. Absolute garbage.

  6. My wife is a black coffee snob. In the last two years alone she has acquired 3 different grinders, two electric kettles, two different glass pour overs, two different french presses, briefly tried going back to autodrip just to throw it out a week after she bought it, then bought a moka pot and an aeropress in the same day. Regardless how she grinds it, pours it, steeps, or percolates it it always has to be black; I've never seen her taint the black go juice with any kind of magic heresy. Luckily she married a guy that loves the smell but hates the taste, so she gets all the coffee to herself while I relax in my mornings with the smells and sounds of a full on french cafe 😂


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