3 TIPS for BETTER DRIP COFFEE! [Should I Drink This]


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  1. Question: what’s the equation equivalent of beans (in weight) makes a serving of 2tbspn? I understand it may vary with coarsed and fine grinds. Sorry for my lack of better phrasing.

  2. I've heard that running a batch without any coffee and just plain water, and then running the same hot water from that batch through a regular brewing cycle brings the temperature up to spec.

  3. Machine coffee taste like ass.. it has 2 many pipes and interior design inside the machine which cannot be cleaned efficiently effectively growing bacteria and other germs inside the plumbing which in turn is bad for your health as is taste like ass.. there is an argument to be made for drip filters like above because in your race to the top you may get there and then realise that the true essence of alot of things including life.. cooking.. and, of course.. Coffee.. is simplicity! The less moving parts the better the better the flow the better the simplicity.. simple.. clean.. good! Not to mention those nasty old Pods you guys use in some of those machines.. yuck! I must say.. again.. fresh beans.. freshly grinded.. add water.. filter once and precisely no moving parts no interior pipes.. no bacteria build up.. clean.. simple.. Good!

  4. I 100% agree with having to grind your coffee beforehand. But when I was in college and just wanted good coffee in my dorm and wasn’t gonna buy a grinder. The best pre ground coffee you can buy anywhere in any big store in my opinion is illy Classico, genuinely the best ~inexpensive~ ground coffee I could find.

  5. So i'd like to drink my coffee in a coffee mug, and as I could see on my coffee machine the cups amounts display in the pot doesn't represent my coffee mug so my question is how much fucking coffee grams should I put in the coffee machine? lol


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