3 Easy Suggestions for Baristas that will help you pace up your espresso service and maintain your espresso bar clear


As a barista are you feeling that you simply’re combating gradual espresso service and preserving your espresso bar clear? Particularly when …



  1. I would like to ask, is it ok to leave the used coffee puck in the machine for some time and clean it when i will start preparing another coffee or is it better to remove the old puck as soon as possible?
    Thanks for any answers.

  2. Hi Artisti. In some of your video I noticed u guys using Norco full cream. How do you feel about the Norco full cream and the Capo barista milk??? Which one do u prefer and why???

  3. I did this today at the coffee shop i work and it make things easier. Especially having the coffee mop cleaner under the grinder, i used to loose it a lot. Thanks guys for these!
    Can you make a video about be more efficiant while delivering several drinks at once? (like an order of 6 lattes) and being

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