10 Ideas for Making Higher French Press Espresso


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  1. Well all I have to say is I use spring water for Brewing and this is my first time having a French press I couldn't believe how good coffee was tasted like hot chocolate

  2. I’ve seen some people push and pull the plunger up and down all the way after adding hot water to the coffee as to mix it up and blend thoroughly. I think you may risk pushing some of the grounds by the seal and get them into your coffee. Yuck. Any thoughts on that tactic??

  3. The whole point of using the French Press is because instant is crap but I haven't got time to be arsing about with an espresso machine! This rigmarole is as pretentious as a heroin user using a Victorian antique syringe and a silver spoon. I just need coffee when I get up – and quickly.

  4. I suggest anyone who pass by here to go and check the video of James Hofmann who is a world Barista champion and the writer of th best seller coffee book (The World Atlas of Coffee). Many tips he gives makes your life easier and go against the tips in this video:
    .Do not care about boiling water, use boil water straight out of your kettle. It dosent matter at the time your water will be in contact with the coffee grind the temperature will drop a lot, enough to not burn your coffee. If you not use boiling water you probable gonna under extract your coffee.
    .Ratio 60g of coffee per L ( 5g less or more depending on your taste)
    .Last tip but not least, after 4min of brewing, take a spoon, mix your coffee a bit on the top, take off the « crema » (which is not really a crema) and some floating part of beans, then let it sit fro 5 even 10min ! The beans will fall down to the bottom of your press, and at this time there is no extraction anymore so do not worry about over extraction, after this press a bit but just at the surface of the coffe to prevent the beans on the bottom coming back to the surface, then pour your coffee gently on whatever you want.
    This method is the best I’ve ever done to make a good French press coffe
    Just type French Press James Hoffmann on YouTube research and you will find the video directly

  5. In SB measurements using Coffee Press it's 10grams or 2tbps of coffee to 6oz of hot water or 180ml hot water, brew for four minutes. Resulting to a short size of beverage.

  6. What kind of coffee would you advice for a French press ? A more nutty and chocolaty profile or a fruity and acidic one ? Looking forward to having my next freshly ground coffee 😋😀

  7. Maybe if you operate a cafe you need a bur grinder. People at home with enough brain power and developed technique can easily achieve the same consistency from a blade grinder. You lightly pulse and shake, dumbfuck, and then sift the chaff. Boom. Same taste as a bur grinder.

  8. Let me tell you a way to take your taste bud festival a step further: Turkish coffee. Anyone who loves French press will like it as it is a whole body coffee. And it is more intense than French press too, thanks to even finer than espresso grind.

  9. as a prisoner of War I used to chew a coffee bean. slowly drink some hot water. When I was lost in the Southern Sahara, no water, I chewed the coffee bean dry. 1 bean per day. Saved my Life.

  10. Nobody asked but here are my hacks. You don’t need a press to make coffee. I use one because I already had it. Anyway, you can use any non-plastic pitcher. Make the coffee the way you said. Get a military filter (no bpa ) and put the filter and filter holder into a vacuum bottle. Pour the coffee into the filter and drain into bottle. I drilled extra holes into the filter holder to improve drainage and you don’t need it to steep because you already did that! Watch it to make sure it doesn’t overflow.
    The plus of this? No sludge. Use any grind of coffee you like including, not recommended, preground. I use a body’s for this because I already had one and it filters a little quicker. Try and get a filter folder that balances on your vacuum bottle. This system works really good. Give it a try.

  11. When I was growing up restaurants always kept cups preheated ready before pouring—even for coffee that’s not French pressed: by the way: teapots and cups should also be preheated prior to brewing: and water always poured over tea: never tea bags into hot water (preferably never tea bags). A cozy will help keep hot during brewing. Do you like a cozy for keeping coffee hot while brewing. Thanks.

  12. Been drinking French press for a few years, his tips are right on.To dispose of old grounds, I fill the pot 2/3 full of water and fling it into the grass out my back door. The earthworms wait for it, makes them stray very busy.


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