Keurig Coffee Maker Tips and Tricks


10 Tips and Tricks for Keurig Coffee Maker Owners – by Tip 1: Use Coupons once you …



  1. What I liked about this model is that it doesn’t have an onboard clock MyBest.Kitchen I live in my RV where the 120v goes off and on often as I move around, so it was impossible to set the clock. Therefore it came on or went off at odd times. This one doesn’t have the temperature setting either, so it’s a little hotter than I was used to. I drink 5-6 cups of coffee a day, caf and decaf, different flavors. A reliable K-cup machine is perfect for me and my lifestyle.

  2. So far have not found the right cup for us – the dark roast is to strong, the light roast is too light. Spending a lot of money trying to find our perfect 'cup' of coffee.

  3. Getting this 6 years after it came out. I have only 1 tip to add to yours. Well not add actually takes the place of tip number 1. Cut the bottom off of your k cup before brewing. By that I do not mean the whole plastic bottom. Just the end of your k cup. If you hold it up to the light you can see where the filter is in your k cup and cutting the bottom out will not cut your filter.
    This does two things. It helps align your k cup in your machine the same as pre puncturing. The second thing it does is make your coffee taste better.
    Your normal brew process is for the machine to slowly pour hot water into the k cup with slight pressure to extract the coffee thru the filter. The hot coffee then hits the plastic bottom of the cup and drips out the little hole.
    If like me you taste a slight plastic background in your coffee. This is why. Removing the bottom removes this step and the coffee brews directly into your cup.
    Maybe I noticed it because I am new to keurigs. But thats how i solved my issue.
    To those that might think im using inferior k cups. Yes and no. I did buy Victor Allen k cups because my place of work sells them cheep but I also bought some from Peets. Starbucks and green mountain. They all tasted better once I started cutting the bottoms off.
    My pick though for best tasting coffee is a tie.
    McDonalds Seasonal Med-Dark coffee.
    Bold without being overly dark.
    And Starbucks Sumatra. Or Green Mountain Sumatra. But i like the starbucks better.
    When its not on sale i buy green mountain.

  4. Some honest questions- If you're running one "empty" cycle of just water for every cup, isn't that a tremendous waste of water? It would seem odd to me to put hot water that's been through the machine back into the reservoir but is that the expectation?

    Also, is cleaning with vinegar any less valuable than descaling? If so, what does the descaling solution do that vinegar doesn't?

    Thank you for the video! I have some new things to try and the other comments are inspiring as well 🙂

  5. Our Keuig is perfect for my wife. She likes small cups strong but not so hot coffee. But I like my coffee strong, scolding hot and must fill my massive “#1 Dad” coffee cup that I got from my princess for XMas. So I end up having to brew 2x pods into one cup, then microwave for 1:30. Little more work, but worth it.

  6. I use only Culligan bottled water in all of my appliances.

    Descale Keurig with vinegar then pass at least 2 full reservoirs (no k cup) thru the machine to remove all vinegar. Smell each brew to detect vinegar smell. At any time, you can test it by adding a drop of half & half (milk?) into the hot water. If it curdles, continue flushing until no more curdling when tested.

  7. Love the video! Your presentation style is friendly, professional and engaging. I enjoyed learning more about my Keurig and how to keep it top notch 😊


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