10 Superior Espresso Suggestions


This video was made in collaboration with the brand new Folgers Coffeehouse Mix! Its daring espresso taste stands as much as cream, sugar …



  1. Or better yet you can have the coffee cold but take a strainer and pour out all the grains and you can pour it back in your teapot or pot I should say and make it as t in the stove and you can drink it hot all over again . You forgot to mention creamer is extremely salty and caramel is 100% and diabetes.

  2. My wife has drunk coffee for over 50 years and quits about 5 months ago. I started drinking Ice Coffee and have it about every morning; still can't stand hot coffee. I was buying Ice coffee in several places but was getting too expensive. I now mix 1 cup of hot coffee into a mason jar with ½ ice and add Chocolate almond milk to the top. I sometimes add about 9-10 drops of Stevia if I want it sweeter. Tastes like store bought only cheaper!! Love your channel.

  3. The coffee we drink the US is rejected by most of the rest of the world, FYI. Only here do we have no mold regulations, and the pesticide sprays make it worse. It's the #2 most heavily pesticided crop in the world next to tobacco unless you're buying an organic source. I recommend investing in a blender and buying the whole beans to eliminate mold contamination, and keeping it stored in the freezer.


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